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Make Your Website Search Engines Friendly to Grow Your Online Business January 26, 2011

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Search Engine Optimization is the biggest challenge for today’s online business. If you want to grow your online business, you need to make your website search engines friendly.

At first you should think about your business goals before proceeding website optimization. If your business goal is clear, you can achieve great success in your business.

Second thing is optimization. Optimization for whom? It should be the basic question before initiating website optimization. Answer is very clear, optimization for search engines to derive audiences and to complete business goals.

Google is the biggest Search Engine as we already know. It receives around 500 million search requests every day. Google has approximately 110 million unique websites and more than 1 trillion URLs.

In this situation, there is the biggest challenge for SEOs to put a website at the top of a search engine’s results, ensuring that it is seen and visited by a large audience.

SEO plays the vital role in modern advertising. In these conditions, there are some tips to grow your online business through SEO practices:

Make Hierarchal Architecture for Your Website:

Architecture is the root for any business. It is just like a plan. It is the idea how to explore your products on the website or webpage.

Make Meaningful Title with the Most Searched Keywords:

Title is the biggest aspect to get ranking in Search Engines. It should be meaningful, short and optimized with the most searched keywords.

Analytical Content:

Content is always known as the king on the web for the Search Engines. Content should be related to your web products and should be written with analytical approach.

Reciprocal Links and How to Get Reciprocal or Two Way Link April 7, 2010

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Reciprocal links depend on mutual understanding of web masters. It is a contract between two web pages which is related to each other in terms of theme and topic. You can say that it is an exchange of links for web pages on the understanding of web masters for their sites.

I have already mentioned in my previous post about three way links and way to get 3 way links. Here, I will write about reciprocal links and way of getting reciprocal links on my experience of link exchange.

What is Reciprocal Links?

Reciprocal links are two way links. Reciprocal links are known as “link exchange”, “links partner” and “two links” also. Site “A” adds a link on site “B” and Site “B” adds a link on site “A”, called reciprocal or two way links.

How To Get Reciprocal Or Two Links?

To Get Reciprocal links normally we follow the concept of link exchange. We send a request to the web master to add our links in returns of they get a link from our website.

Before sending a link exchange request, we fetch data from the search engines, directories, partner’s pages of other web sites or from references of web sites. To fetch or extract data we follow some searching ideas for shortcuts.

Forums are also way of getting reciprocal links after a discussion on link sections in the forums.

You can use Google talk, Yahoo or MSN massager to talk with web masters to exchange links on mutual understanding.

You can find out the data of reciprocal links and fill up form to link exchange.

What Should Care For Reciprocal Links?

If you are doing reciprocal link exchange then you should care about Page Rank.

Site should not be dead or only for link exchange.

Site should not be penalized from which you are getting links.

Site content should not be illegal or scrappy.

Site should be related to the theme.

Site’s outgoing links should not be from bad neighborhood.

Good numbers of index pages should be with the site.

Good number of link back should be with the site.

If you get links within content whether the page has not page rank, it will be beneficial for your site but content should be related to your theme.

Link should be with static web pages.

Links should be with different IPs.

Don’t exchange links in bulk whether it is reciprocal or one way.

How To Request for Reciprocal Links?

You can prepare a link exchange format and can send the request to the web masters for link exchange.

You can request a link exchange offers via forums or Google talk also as I mentioned above.

Importance of Reciprocal Links:

Many people think that reciprocal links have not importance because in returns we provide a link also from our web site and in this condition we don’t do anything extra for our website. But I think it has importance if you do the work smartly. It has great importance still to get higher ranking in search engines. Google avoid that reciprocal links which are not related to the theme.

Some Rules For Reciprocal or Two way Links:

If your site is dedicated to SEO, don’t give any external links with the anchor of SEO in returns in the conditions of reciprocal links.

Consider always with Good PR if you get links from resources pages.

Try to get links from content pages.

Don’t give higher Page Rank in return of lower.

Always do linking with theme related in the conditions of reciprocal.

Avoid reciprocal linking if the site has bad neighborhood outgoing links.

Out going links should not be more than 20 in the conditions of reciprocal linking on the page.

Reciprocal links are not much effective in getting page rank but it is more effective to get higher ranking in major search engines.

3 (Three) Way Links or Triangular Links Process March 30, 2010

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3 way links are known as one way link also. It is a process of link exchange in which 3 web sites participate to make a contract to get links. For example, if you have a website related to SEO and you are requesting a link exchange offer to a web master to add your link on the SEO related site. The web master have two SEO related site and he wants to place your link on site A but in return he wants a link back for site B from your web site, called 3 way link exchange.

The thought of 3 way or triangular links developed after search engines updates. Before the 3 way links, there was a concept of reciprocal or 2 way linking but soon the site got penalties specially by Google search engines. After this updates, most of the sites began to create 3 way links to make them as one way links in the eyes of search engines.

Most of sites got penalties for reciprocal links because they were involved in exchanging links with irrelevant sites and bad neighborhood. But those sites that were not concern with these activities still got higher ranking that is why the concept of reciprocal links is not dead but should be in the form of ethical way.

3 way links were most effective but soon it was also traced by search engines because in this process sister sites were involved with the same IP for link exchange. The IP were traced. Bulk linking and Spam linking were traced for penalties.

Lastly, it was proved that Spam links and bulk links with irrelevant sites and bad neighborhood is not beneficial for sites.

It was the history of 3 way links or triangular linking but I am talking about 3 way links and how to get it. To get 3 way links, we can use all tips of reciprocal links except filling form for reciprocal links.

My opinion on 3 way link is in positive direction. You can use it as one way link but in ethical way. If you have more than 1 site you can exchange links as 3 ways.