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3 (Three) Way Links or Triangular Links Process March 30, 2010

Posted by kishosingh in Link Building.
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3 way links are known as one way link also. It is a process of link exchange in which 3 web sites participate to make a contract to get links. For example, if you have a website related to SEO and you are requesting a link exchange offer to a web master to add your link on the SEO related site. The web master have two SEO related site and he wants to place your link on site A but in return he wants a link back for site B from your web site, called 3 way link exchange.

The thought of 3 way or triangular links developed after search engines updates. Before the 3 way links, there was a concept of reciprocal or 2 way linking but soon the site got penalties specially by Google search engines. After this updates, most of the sites began to create 3 way links to make them as one way links in the eyes of search engines.

Most of sites got penalties for reciprocal links because they were involved in exchanging links with irrelevant sites and bad neighborhood. But those sites that were not concern with these activities still got higher ranking that is why the concept of reciprocal links is not dead but should be in the form of ethical way.

3 way links were most effective but soon it was also traced by search engines because in this process sister sites were involved with the same IP for link exchange. The IP were traced. Bulk linking and Spam linking were traced for penalties.

Lastly, it was proved that Spam links and bulk links with irrelevant sites and bad neighborhood is not beneficial for sites.

It was the history of 3 way links or triangular linking but I am talking about 3 way links and how to get it. To get 3 way links, we can use all tips of reciprocal links except filling form for reciprocal links.

My opinion on 3 way link is in positive direction. You can use it as one way link but in ethical way. If you have more than 1 site you can exchange links as 3 ways.