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Google AdWords Guide November 11, 2008

Posted by kishosingh in Google AdWords.
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Google launched AdWords in October 2002. AdWords is a service by Google to advertise online products or services on Google. It offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for text and image both. It distribute advertisement local, national, and international on Google.

Now, Google has increased searches on local based also. You can go through language searches also on Google like – Hindi, Bengali, English, Spanish etc. Like these you can search your product on geographical basis also like – .co.uk., .com, .co.in, .de etc.

Advertisement with AdWords is a part of online marketing now. People regularly comes on web to search a products or buy a products similarly the products owner in the competitive market want a higher position on the search engines (especially in Google) by the targeted keywords. In this situation AdWords are needed to popularizes or advertise the product on Google.

Online Marketing is related to search engines and web sites. No doubt most popular search engine is Google and people want their site in the search engine in #1 ranking by the targeted keywords but it is not easy. In this context we can discuss that Google produce two types of searches (however, Yahoo and MSN or other search engines also produce two types of searches) – Sponserd listing and Organic Listing.

Sponsered listing is the AdWords campaign while Organic listing is SEO campaign. SEO activity takes time to get #1 ranking in search engines while Sponsered listing takes no time if you have money to invest in Adwords programme.

Here we have to discuss only Adwords so, I can not elaborate more about SEO. Now, I am going to write step by step by AdWords.

AdWords Programme run by business companies mainly to advertise business and services on the Google. I have already explain that to run AdWords campaign there is need of money. But the AdWords guide learn you how to invest your money properly to get more sales and more leads.

You can say AdWords is the campaign of generating more sales and more leads. The campaign run on ROI (Return On Investment) and you have to decide what is your CTR (Click Through Ratio). If you have a business and want to run an AdWords campaign then what you will think? I think you need more return whatever you invest.

I think AdWords is not only a programme of earning sales but also it is a programme of popularizing a products and services to the customer and users. You have to run the programme in effective to create trust within people to your site. It is the campaign for new users and customers to let them aware towards your services and site. If you once do that your ROI will be high and investment will be low. But the practice will take time.

For example – if you advertise a site by AdWords campaign. A user come to your site by clicking on that but second time when he come to your site not click on the AdWords adsens, he comes by typing your websites name. It is the right advertisement.

It is the general thought but you need more advertisement and more money then what should you have to do. You can choose Yahoo, MSN or others way to advertise your site. But I am talking here about Google AdWords because I have found that more sales and more lead generation done by Google advertising. So, no doubt I will go with Adwords.

Whether you are doing SEO or AdWords you need to derive targeted traffic to your site. The practice will create trust within customer towards your site as I already mentioned above. To get targeted traffic you need to know about something which is below:

If you don’t derive targeted traffic by AdWords campaign, it means your investment is high and return is low.

You need to research your market 1st.

You need place that URL what products you are advertising not home page.

You need to know about keywords what the customers are searching.

You can use Google keywords tools to analyze keywords for your site or products.

It is not important that you are including always high traffic keywords in your adwords programme. Important thing is what keywords are deriving sales.

With the Google AdWords you have to work as sales man. You need to focus Title, Landing page, Keywords and ad writing.

Title Tag Making Tips to Get #1 Ranking in Major Search Engines November 1, 2008

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As an SEO it is not easy task to make an effective title for a web page. Most of the SEOs are not able to write an effective title for a web page which may attract user. Title is not only for user point of view it is search engine point of view also if an SEO work on a web site.

SEO is slow process work and no one can guarantee for #1 but to achieve #1 position every SEOs have goal by targeted keywords. If you follow the guide lines of search engines, that are enough to get higher ranking in search engines. But the people who optimized the websites don’t think about guidelines and want to do whatever they have got experience from their practices.

Practices are right but always there are changes in search engines algorithms. So, to update yourself you have to know theory also.

Every search engines working for their relevancy as I have already written in my previous post of “Link Building Thesis”. Here I will prove that things. When you go to search engines to find out whatever you need, what is done by you? Yes, you type a keywords and search more relevant topic related to your queries. When you find that, you become satisfied but sometimes you don’t find that then what is done by you that time?

You have to work on this pace as an SEO. You have to work for relevancy like as search engines. If the page is related to “SEO” or “Web Design” then you should to work or make a title related to your “SEO” or “Web Design” services. It means if your SEO page offering SEO services then don’t make title like SEO article or SEO news.

To make effective title tag you should do:

Title should be relevant to content and page whatever the page offers

Title should be related to content as well as content should also related to title

Try to make title small

Try to include keywords more than 2 times in the title by which the page is being targeted

Try to make title with most searches keywords

Make it meaningful

Make it descriptive

Make it attractive

To make effective title tag you should don’t do:

Don’t make a very long title

Don’t use axillary verb many times in title

Don’t repeat single keywords more time in title

Way of making title tag:

1st you should research the market related to your product. You should search manually at least top 20 sites by targeted keywords whatever you want to target. After that you should analysis them title and make a unique, fresh and descriptive title for your title.

At last I will say always work for relevancy. On the page content also should be related to title and product. Every web page can’t be a brand name so make sure about your industry for brand name including.