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Welcome To SEO and Web Design Blog! October 29, 2008

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The blog SEO and web design has own importance because SEO is not effective without proper design. So, I want to run the blog with the sharing of knowledge about SEO and web design. Design is major part in the promotion of a web design and its help the SEO.

Google itself include in the guidelines of webmaster design part also. Here design is related from web site design. I want to share something about web design and SEO tips, news and articles because I am associated with SEO parts and working for last 2 years.

I thought in the web site promotion design helps much. How it is related I will give the introduction in the next post of the blog. I will write separately about SEO and web design. The blog is intended to to the my experience of SEO.

SEO – it is included with web site promotion and optimizations to get the higher ranking in search engines by the targeted keywords. SEO included with organic/natural listing. It is the part of online marketing.

Web design – it in included with usability, validations, visibility, structure and image point of view in the web site.

So, here is clear how the both are included with each others. I can say if a designer work effectively on the web site, SEO can guarantee about getting the higher listing in the search engines by the targeted keywords.

Goal conversion is directly depended on web site structure and the things depend on web designer fully.


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