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Link Building Thesis October 31, 2008

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Link building is associated with Off page optimization. SEO is divided into two parts off page and on page. On page is directed associated with changes, modification on web page however, off-page optimization is related to promotions of that page.

Optimization and promotions both things are associated very strongly to get higher ranking in search engines. If you are in online marketing you have to do the both things to get more visitors and increase sells.

Link is hyper text and it is index by websites. Link building is a practice of building back links for web page. Back links are considered as a vote by search engines by targeted keywords.

If your site is on top position by a targeted keywords in search engines, it means your sites have more back links by that keywords. Links value considered by back links. Back links should be from authority sites, relevant sites, high PR sites and with content.

Inbound and outbound two types of link are in the industry. If you get a link from a website to your sites, called inbound links. If you give a link from your site to another called outbound links.

There are many way to build links to your sites or site page:

Link exchange

Article Submission

Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking

Social Networking

Press Realeases



Forums Posting


These are the main way by which you can create back links for your site.

To get links from your site you need to point out URL and Anchor. Anchor will be keywords of your site page.

In the link building link exchange is major part. In link exchange there two theory mainly – One way Link and Reciprocal Links.

One way link – without contract you get a link for your site by a targeted keyword.

Reciprocal links– you can say it is a contract between two web pages. Reciprocal links have importance if they are from most important pages in the terms of relevancy. One link is considered as high quality link by search engines.

In the process of link building we should care on mainly quality of links. You needn’t to build tons of garbage links. You should create only few links from reputable and related sites. It will increase your site ranking and also prevent the Spam.

Have you ever thought that the search engine also working for relevancy? Yes, they are working for relevancy. They want to produce only relevant results by a search term.

So, if you are going to build some links for your site then work on link reputation 1st. Link reputation is considered as high quality links. If your site is related to SEO then you should get a link from SEO related page only and that page title should SEO related also.

Here if you get links from link exchange anchor then it will be less effective than SEO. However, the link exchange is OK also.

In the link building always keep in mind that give outbound links from your site only related to your theme also because you are navigating a user in right directions. The search engines consider on outbound links also. If your site recommending irrelevant site then its value will be reduced by search engines.

To qualify quality links you should care these things:

Page should not contain irrelevant links

Page should be with Page Rank

Page content should not be illegal

Page content should not be scrappy

Page should be on-focus

Page should not be lots of outbound links

Page should be inbound links also

Page should not contain virus and Trojan

Quality and relevant links give a higher page rank to your site and higher ranking in search engines also by a targeted keywords in organic searches.

But it doesn’t mean that high page rank always guarantee top ranking. To get high page rank you can take back links from high page rank but to get high ranking there are more conditions which are:

Page should be on-topic and link should be within content

Anchor text should be targeted in page title and should be more links it depends on search competitions

Historical factors are also involved in it

If your site is new then you should try to get higher Page Rank relevant links to get high page rank. If you have Page Rank 3 then you should try to get 1 more Page Rank it will give a reputation of your site. Page Rank scale are 0-10 by Google. Page Rank Updated by Google time to time. Mostly, after 3 months.

If you have Page Rank 4 you can start on-page optimization to promote your site. If you have PR5 then your site is reputable and can get higher ranking in search engines with little changes.

If you want to get higher Page Rank for your site then you should know the value of Page Rank:

Page Rank 2 link = 0.2 of a Page Rank 3 link
Page Rank 3 link = 1 of a Page Rank 3 link
Page Rank 4 link = 5 of a Page Rank 3 link
Page Rank 5 link = 25 of a Page Rank 3 link
Page Rank 6 link = 125 of a Page Rank 3 link
Page Rank 7 link = 625 of a Page Rank 3 link

It is most probable page rank calculation according to page rank value. So, if you consider on this your site page rank also can be increase but it doesn’t means that your site ranking also get #1 position.

During the link building we should care about:

No-follow links
Javascript links
Redirections links
Instant Links
Links Farm
FFA Links
Link page with lots of outgoing links
On-focus page
Web site home page should be PR4 at least

There are two trends in link building – Natural and Spam. Some people get links for their sites very rapidly, it is not valuable like reciprocal links if they are not theme related. Reciprocal links after all are considered as second class links. If you get reciprocal links within content it is best because it derive the user to your site.

If your site has PR4 and you are pointing a link of PR2, your site page rank will go down in next updates. If you referring an authority sites that has Page Rank 6 and your site has no back links still after this your site will get higher PR in next update.

Natural Links development don’t contain:

Incoming links to your site is not very large in short term

Only one anchor are getting links from your site

Only reciprocal links are there

Links are from instant pages also

You can create natural links from other means also which I have already mentioned above. Directories submission are also valuable.

During the creating links for your site always vary your anchor. If you have related to SEO you can make some keywords like – seo, search engine optimization, web page optimization, seo india etc. The keywords should use during the link creations and always should be vary for your URL.

Anchor should be in small letter. If you are appearing description during linking, change always that description. A fresh description with your link will get more value to your link.

Quality link can create from .edu, .net., .info site which has lots of content. A site which has lots of advertisement and less content can’t be more effective.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Definitions October 30, 2008

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SEO called as search engine optimization also. Basically, the theory comes with the age of web sites and search engines. When we say, it is search engine optimization it doesn’t mean that we optimize the search engines; it means we optimize a website for the search engines. If we go some deep then we can say we optimize the site on the guidelines of the search engines.

So, at first for the SEO definitions we have to know about search engines. Before the search engines there are existence of web sites, very clearly but the web sites known as URL not by the keywords. After the discover of search engines the web site popularity increased as keywords and then here SEO theory came in light.

The main differences after the search engines and before the search engines are “Key words” and “URL”. We can define in one line that before the search engines “URL” was in light and websites were very few. After the search engines “Key words” are in light and web sites density have very high that is why search engines optimization in needed. SEO is all about Keywords popularity and nothing but.

As an SEO if a person works on site, he surely think about keywords and keywords popularity. So, I can say Search engine optimization is the practice of web sites optimization on the basis of targeted keywords.

Now, we have to know about keywords. Keywords is a term to search the results in search engines. Search engines index all the sites by their keywords and give the results on the basis of key words.

So, here the theory produce that how a site can comes in #1 among millions of sites by the same key words. It is the basic theory of SEO.

Being a SEO we can guarantee that how a site can comes on #1 and what is the process of getting the positions.

I think this is the basic aspect of SEO and definitions of search engine optimization which deals the keywords popularity in search engines and among the people whether it includes in sites URL or sites Title.

SEO is the practice of organic searches and organic results.

Welcome To SEO and Web Design Blog! October 29, 2008

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The blog SEO and web design has own importance because SEO is not effective without proper design. So, I want to run the blog with the sharing of knowledge about SEO and web design. Design is major part in the promotion of a web design and its help the SEO.

Google itself include in the guidelines of webmaster design part also. Here design is related from web site design. I want to share something about web design and SEO tips, news and articles because I am associated with SEO parts and working for last 2 years.

I thought in the web site promotion design helps much. How it is related I will give the introduction in the next post of the blog. I will write separately about SEO and web design. The blog is intended to to the my experience of SEO.

SEO – it is included with web site promotion and optimizations to get the higher ranking in search engines by the targeted keywords. SEO included with organic/natural listing. It is the part of online marketing.

Web design – it in included with usability, validations, visibility, structure and image point of view in the web site.

So, here is clear how the both are included with each others. I can say if a designer work effectively on the web site, SEO can guarantee about getting the higher listing in the search engines by the targeted keywords.

Goal conversion is directly depended on web site structure and the things depend on web designer fully.